Vernon Montero, a former student of the Master of Strategic Design Labs 2012, launches his Brand: Oxymoron Madrid

Lemons, fish, bees, orchids and butterflies are combined in this new universe of daring designs created by Vernon Montero, ex-student of the Master of Strategic Design Labs, for his new footwear brand focused on patterns, Oxymoron Madrid.

Lemons, fish, bees, orchids and butterflies are combined in this new universe of daring designs created by Vernon Montero, ex-student of the Master of Strategic Design Labs, for his new footwear brand focused on patterns, Oxymoron Madrid.

Conceived as a thesis project for the IED Master’s degree, this brand is now a reality and will reach the market for the 2014 spring-summer season, appearing in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.


What is Oxymoron Madrid?
Oxymoron Madrid originated as a new brand of footwear for men who want to stand out and enjoy themselves with what they wear.
The brand manages to construct that rhetorical figure, who combines the traditional with the modern. To do this, it maintains the Blucher cut classic last and uses new materials like canvas and original patterns. This mixture of tradition and innovation is what Oxymoron Madrid seeks to offer its customers, men who want to find a unique and different style.
Spain was chosen as the birthplace of its designs, both for its tradition and expertise in the manufacture of these accessories, thus achieving a semi-handcrafted product.

In full economic crisis you dared to develop your own brand. What reasons led you to want to undertake this? What objectives do you hope to achieve with this project?
I believe it is always a good time to launch something. In a way, the fact that we are experiencing a crisis gives you a push to launch yourself. There are fewer opportunities in the market and this is just when you have to create your own opportunities instead of hoping they will look for you.
Yes, it is true that it is more complicated to take something on during a crisis, but at the beginning nothing is simple. Although things go more slowly, I am sure that the foundations are going to be more solid, given that the decisions have been well thought out in order to stay on our feet and not perish in the attempt. And in case the second thing happens, at least I will have learnt something.
Because of all this, at the outset, instead of creating a brand with an infinite range of products, I have concentrated only on footwear, and, for this season, on a single model. In this way I concentrate the whole creative, development and investment process on offering a very high quality product.
However, my aim is to develop the brand little by little and, in the near future, to have much more than footwear.

How do you see the current panorama for entrepreneurs?
As I said before, to embark on or begin something will always be complicated, here or anywhere in the world.  At the beginning you will come up against many obstacles, little knowledge, lack of capital, bureaucracies, etc., but these are all tests to verify that if you want to do something, however much you fall down or are stopped, you always have to carry on.
In my case, I feel very grateful, for ever since I decided to create this brand, I have had the support of my family, friends, stores and suppliers, etc. In short, people that I have got to know on the way and who have given me a hand so that the brand is a reality today.
If I have something clear in my mind, it is that a joint effort right now is how it should be. We must use collective intelligence and the people we know in order to develop something new.

What did you carry away from the Master of Strategic Design Labs of the IED Madrid?
To be honest, a lot, because all this idea emerged as the final project for the Master of Strategic Design Labs.
At first, it was about writing a business plan for an idea that we wanted to develop and, in my case, I did it with the intention of carrying it out as soon as I could.
For this, I had the support of classmates, teachers and friends, both on my course and on other masters courses, that shared their talent, knowledge and contact networks with me.
I have travelled all this path with company, so that fear at embarking on something has been much more tolerable and pleasant.


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