34 creatives, 3 destinations, 10 challenges. Intercontinental trips of the Masters of Design and Innovation

Can you imagine travelling to the other end of the world to work on a project in the Amazon, India or South Africa? With the Masters of Design and Innovation it is possible.

The programme includes an intercontinental trip in which students can put into practice the power of design to change the world through real projects. The preselected destinations for this edition are Anantapur (India), Cape Town (South Africa) and Puerto Nariño (Colombia).

One of the main characteristics of the trips is their interdisciplinary nature, a combination of talent from the three Masters. The students will choose the project they wish to develop, depending on their interests and motivations in the areas of product design, communication, production, design concepts and business strategies.

The projects will be undertaken in collaboration with three social institutions:

Fundación Omacha (Puerto Mariño, Colombia)

Omacha Foundation

The Fundación Omacha in an environmental non-profit NGO, organised to research, study and preserve the fauna and water and terrestrial ecosystems in Colombia.

The students will face the challenge of creating a strategic communication plan and tourism promotion for the wetlands of Tarapoto, a business plan to sell yuca flour, a strategic communication plan to promote the conservation of river dolphins, and other projects.

Fundación Vicente Ferrer (Anantapur, India)

The Fundación Vicente Ferrer is a development NGO committed to the transformation of one of the poorest areas in India, the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and the most vulnerable communities, which are at risk of exclusion.

Fundación Vicente Ferrer

The foundation poses the challenge of designing communication strategies for the different craft products produced by the foundation, the creation of new product lines and design for the wellbeing of functionally-challenged women working for the foundation.

Sustainability Institute (Cape Town, Sudafrica)

Sustainability Institute

The Sustainability Institute (SI) began in Lynedoch Ecovillage in 1999, with the aim of providing a space in which to create a more egalitarian society. At present, the SI is an international centre for life and learning which provides experiences focusing on ecology, community and spirit.

Sustainability Institute

The projects posed by the SI entail the construction of identities for LFS (Learning for Sustainability), Agroecology Academy and the project of one of the young farmers who has graduated from the Agroecology Academy.


The trips of the Masters of Design and Innovation go one step further, and are an opportunity for personal growth, promoting divergent thinking and analysing current design from a range of perspectives. These trips turn the students into professionals who are able to create sustainable solutions that are suited to the global market and to contemporary society.

Photo Credits: Sustainability InstituteFundación Vicente Ferrer y Fundación Omacha

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