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Victoria de Pereda, an influential woman in 2017, and the director of the Masters of Design and Innovation

Victoria de Pereda, the director of the Masters of Design and Innovation, is among the 25 women who in 2017 have played an important role. The challenge of a more sustainable future through education has led her to share the ranking with women such as Vanessa Friedman, Carmen March and Marta Ortega.

The oldest fashion, beauty, trends and culture magazine in Europe, L’Officiel, is once again launching its list of trends influencers of the year. A selection which only includes women, of different ages and nationalities, who in one way or another have changed our way of perceiving and experiencing this past year.

In the struggle of the designer for a more sustainable future, it is worth noting the 2010 creation of the Sustainability Area of the IED Madrid –a solid area for training and research within the IED–, the creation of To Dodesign –a design and education platform which works on sustainable development– and the direction of the Masters of Design and Innovation. She has also taken part in social development projects in China, Mexico, Niger and Lebanon.

The Masters of Design and Innovation, designed as research laboratories, create a favourable context to promote critical and divergent thinking, analyse current design events from different perspectives: business strategy, production and communication.

Pioneering programmes in which the word sustainability forms part of their DNA. The subjects and projects included within the Sustainability Area offer students a deep understanding of science, its current situation and trends; environmental, social and economic factors which play a part; its challenges and complexity and the interaction between human and natural systems.

“Our learning spaces are a platform to develop critical thinking, understand the commitment of design to society and the environment, as well as the relationship between our work with the health of ecosystems and the economy.” Statement by Victoria de Pereda to El Economista.



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