Visit of the Masters of Design and Innovation to EuroPerio9

Interview with Sharon Legendre, Head of Operations of the European Federation of Periodontology, as a member of the panel for the presentation of the Masters of Design and Innovation projects in collaboration with the EFP.

Under the motto of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), "periodontal health for a better life", the creatives of the Masters of Design and Innovation addressed the challenge of providing the EFP with a new strategy to connect with its target audience.

The different awareness-raising projects and logos were presented to a panel of experts which included part of the Masters of Design and Innovation team – Manuel Toro, Japi Contonente, Juan Freire and Alex Briceño – and members of the EFP – Professor Iain Chapple, Sharon Legendre and Monica Guinea –.

Following the success of the results, the EFP awarded the students the opportunity to participate in EuroPerio, the largest scientific meeting on periodontics and implantology in the world. An event that took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the creatives were able to present their projects and make contact with EFP partners such as Colgate, Oral B, Dentaid, Sunstar, Johnson & Johnson, Geistlich and GlaxoSmithKline.


The students Valeria Ledesma, Suzanne Balima and Anand Kunhikrishnan in EuroPerio9


A first interdisciplinary project for the Masters of Design and Innovation that undoubtedly transferred the students to an “agency atmosphere” where they were able to work in multidisciplinary teams, promote synergies, extend their horizons and enhance their networking.

Next, we talk with Sharon Legendre –EFP's Head of Operations– as member of the panel for the presentation of the projects.




Sharon Legendre
Head of Operations at European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)

One of the EFP’s priorities is to promote research, education and awareness of periodontal science and practice, how has the collaboration with IED contributed to your mission?
The EFP board was very excited to work with a pool of multicultural young people coming from different professional experiences and keen to study and understand the overall mission and strategy of our federation. 
The members of the EFP board are nearly all university professors in dentistry and just loved the idea to collaborate with an International school in a totally different area than theirs. Periodontology being a very focused scientific topic, they felt the need to analyse their profession and the awareness of Gum disease through new and fresh eyes.
Organizations often use the same providers year after year making it difficult to renew ideas. The collaboration with 32 students was a fantastic opportunity to get unbiased information. 

At EFP you asked for appealing, inspiring and convincing messages. How was your experience as a member of the panel for the presentation of the projects? Did the projects meet your expectations?
I was very surprised by the enthusiasm of the students in analysing and understanding a scientific topic such as Periodontology. They did a profound effort to understand the science behind it and to find ideas to fight the lack of awareness among the population. The students approached our partners in a professional manner and we got fantastic feedback from them. The overall all results were extremely positive. The students offered us punchy ideas in a very modern and fresh manner using all the communication tools that are applied today. The EFP will definitely use some ideas in the future.




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