Wanted dangerous minds. Master of Communication Design Labs


The changes affecting the advertising industry call for new professionals with innovative creative skills. Are you ready?

The Master of Communication Design Labs trains communication professionals to turn them into dangerous minds, to question the status quo and lead change. With the right guidance and the appropriate attitude, you will become a pioneer, non-conformist and innovative creative in a world where change is the only constant.

Creative agencies seek hybrid profiles, more analytical creative professionals with a great understanding of data. With the Masters of Design and Innovation, we seek to train interdisciplinary profiles that break the barriers between strategy and design.



Which challenges will you be facing?


  • Develop important skills to tell stories, combined with the ability to be concise with language and with images, in order to convey a concept.
  • Attract new audiences, challenging outmoded perceptions and innovating with new ways of telling stories.
  • Transforming Big Data. How to turn “smart” data into the foundation of the decision-making process of your future team.
  • Create penetrating communication campaigns on the basis of statistics based on data.
  • Master the relationships for the building of social networks with customers and audiences.
  • Define profiles of customers beyond the “what” of their actions to discover deeper motivations. Delve into target audiences, discovering unique and revealing behaviours.
  • Define and kindle the passion of consumers for brands and explore the power of influence, winning over hearts and minds.
  • Collaborate with real social innovation projects with field research and a true immersion into their development.




At the IED Innovation Lab we train professionals who can tackle the challenges posed by the global market and contemporary society in the fields of product design, communication, design concepts, production and commercial strategies.

A new IED Group space which encompasses a range of labs in which to devise, articulate and create prototypes for models and collaboration processes which make it possible to work on the basis of the interaction between design and other fields and disciplines. Ultimately, a place in which to look at design in a completely new way.

Additionally, the Masters of Design and Innovation programme, which is designed as a project lab, includes trips to pioneering cities in the areas of design, sustainability and innovation, like Berlin, Copenhagen and Milan; and to intercontinental destinations, you would never imagine, like the Amazon and South Africa.


With whom?


The Masters of Design and Innovation are a meeting point between talent and professionals. An opportunity to expand your network of contacts with international professionals from different fields, and to share experiences with classmates from different nationalities.

From the first day, the students of the Masters of Design and Innovation will have tutors who will guide them along their adventure: internationally renowned professionals whose skills make them an example to be followed, as well as being the perfect guides during the programme.


Ugo Ceria

Program Leader of the Master of Communication Design Labs
Creative Strategist at Facebook for Southern Europe

David Stanley

Tutor del Master of Communication Design Labs
Creative Director at DMA Partners Design Consultancy


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