An introduction to the possible future scenarios of strategic design, the concept of sustainability and the multiple methodologies of design has been the starting point for the Masters of Design and Innovation 2018: Communication Design Labs, Product Design Labs and Strategic Design Labs.

Students from multiple origins, not only geographic and cultural, but also professional, have worked in various workshops together with leading professionals of international renown, such as Vernon Collis and Clive Van Heerden.

A start marked by the learning by doing methodology, a characteristic of the programme, where teamwork, multidisciplinarity and co-creation have been the starting point for a year of training around design and innovation in order to create a new generation of professionals capable of revolutionising the world..



Vernon Collis

Cape Town (South Africa)
Director of Collis & Associates, Consulting Engineer and Architect specialised in integrated and sustainable systems design.

The "Integrating Sustainability into Design" workshop with Vernon Collis is an initial reflection of the students on their current design processes in order to extract the process, methodology, values and their beliefs.




Clive Van Heerden

London (United Kingdom)
Program Leader of Product Design Labs, co-founder of vHM Designfutures and director of Design-Led Innovation at Philips Design.

The “Future Scenarios” workshop with Clive Van Heerden Is an initial contact with the futures of strategic design as a tool for exploring opportunities for products, new businesses or organisational strategies. Processes, methods and tools for identifying signs, creating design provocations, physical forecasts and scenarios of materialised lifestyles.

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