Aluminum strings base covered in transparent acrylic resin


Stacy Subero Marmol

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As an interior Designer I make my priority to always look at the little details, but most of all I have always liked to play with the different textures, shapes and finishing techniques. Since I started the master I was interested in investigate, research and develop a compound material and at the same time having this constant wonder about mixing, merging and blending them together to see how their properties will behave. Took me a while but after going through different experiments and obstacles that pushed me at the end into making my final product was very fulfilling.

Being motivated through different techniques like transparency, molding, compression, working with various thickness and specially melting, decided to take a twist and look at everything from another perspective, stop trying to change what already was there, what already was in my hands, and instead create something different, modifying its given characteristics and use them in my advantage in order to create something that even that its function is the same, it is very special because after all I got to keep what was important to me, the essence of my product.


My main inspiration was to look for what’s inside of the components, digging dipper of what was already there and researching the roots of each of my materials properties, ones more useful than others but always learning from each one of them. I got encourage to keep looking and at the end it was not about the mix at all, at the end its all about a product that will keep and maintain for time to come the original properties of the aluminum can just giving it a new aesthetic, by twisting and tangling one can string into another, interacting them between each other and covering with ecological resin to preserve those stories in one place. Has being a great process of experimentation, I think this product could be so much more and that I still have many boundaries I will like to cross in order to make my product a much richer object. I believe there is always room for improvements, and trying to find two materials that will work together as one regardless their different components was definitely my main challenge. What helped me the most was the many workshops we had in which I learned to look at my product from another angle. I think that this is what I value the most from this experience; sometimes some of the answers are just in front of us. Aluminum strings base covered in acrylic resin!