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AMADEUS, by Kaity Kawar

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Amadeus IT Group is a leading technology firm that provides solutions for the global travel industry. Within the realms of their “Let’s Shape the Future of Travel” campaign, my thesis focuses on sustainable travel.

The aim is to encourage the industry to not only consider commercial needs, but also make a positive impact on society and the environment globally. Meeting the requirements of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

With the evident negative impacts corporate practices are having on the environment and social welfare of nations worldwide, more consumers are demanding the passing of systems that might work for a more sustainable future comprehensively. The travel industry is lagging behind, yet needs to recognize that it is one of the few global sectors best able to lead the shift towards a green economy.

The idea is that Amadeus is going to proactively respond with an initiative and a new certification body that will evaluate the quality of travel products based on their sustainable value. Hence, allowing the industry and travellers to recognize that the bottom line is not solely economic benefits but also environmental and social ones. The campaign will consist of three milestones: awareness, desire and ultimately a new culture changing the way people consume travel.