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BANKINTER, by Miriam Martín Price

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At a time when the banking sector in Spain has lost all trust and credibility from society, it is important to re-establish the relationship with its clients, with honesty and new ways of working. At the same time, internationalization has become one of the preferred strategies for Spanish businesses, as a way to escape or as an opportunity.

The project for the Bankinter brand is to convince businesses that are expanding internationally to use their support and financing services. My task is to define the communication strategy and develop creativity through different activities. The objective is to establish a relationship with the client that goes beyond the financial aspect, create content that can add value for them, improve the brand experience and remain relevant though the process.

Strategically, I will position the bank as a reference point for entrepreneurs that want to go far, not only as a technical guide, but as a reference point to search for entrepreneurial inspiration. Creatively, the axis of all the ideas will be the entrepreneurs going one step further, exceeding their potential.