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  • Course: Master of Strategic Design Labs
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

"Palliative care" is a type of medical care which final aim is not to cure, but to alleviate the suffering. Unfortunately, Portugal represents a weak capacity of delivering it to the patients with prolonged and incurable diseases and the reason why is that there's no awareness for this service. Portugal has 87 palliative care units, some public and some private, but they just cover less than half of the patients that need it. Patients want to die at home, but 62% of deaths still happening in wards, which means that 65.000 people die each year in the Hospital. It's urgent to turn this service more available, not just in the hospital, but at home, so we can assure that the end of life experience is a time that it's worth to live.
Care is a service that arrives to the market with this intention: connect the palliative care unites to the patients' residence, providing a 24/7 support. Being all connected by this platform, the palliative care professionals can follow the patient by distance, understanding what are his biggest needs and work on them. Families who passed through the same will use the platform as well to share their experience with who's needing. Adding to this, Care's marketing plan is to create an awareness campaign advertising all the ways we dispose to alleviate suffering in order to change the medical paradigm of cure, to the humanity duty of Care.