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CARHARTT Work In Progress, by Tessa Dóniga

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Identity and clothing are intimately linked. Clothes display, express and shape identity. They also offer a useful view through which to explore the possibly changing ways in which young people exist in urban culture.

Carhartt Work In Progress is positioned as the largest streetwear brand in Europe for an active city life. It became the avant/garde way of living the original Carhartt clothing brand from US. The brand has been very connected since the early years to the skate and BMX scene. Because of that, the people that grow up with the brand don't feel connected to it anymore.

I propose a repositioning of the brand without alienating its previous market, in order to achieve a wealthier target, to get back to the people who used to wear Carhartt. For those who have grown up and have different needs and styles, I intend to keep the urban scene upmarket and to refocus the brand philosophy in order to make it more accurate and less confusing. My creative concept revolves around the idea of the nomadic. When we travel, the things that really feel essential are the ones that will always be in our bags. Carhartt is part of those essential needs. It is aimed at those seeking clothing that adapts, that moves, that will always be one of our essential garments.