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Dominican Power is a company that emerges to fight the problems of the Electric Industry of Dominican Republic. Due to a big number of reasons, this country suffers deficiencies in its electric system that forced the population to depend on self-supply.

50% of middle-class households possess a backup electric system made from accumulators (batteries) and an inverter to pass from charging batteries when there is energy available to supply the house’s demand with the electricity stored in them. However, it is not uncommon for power cuts to outlast batteries’ charge once or twice a year, since these cuts have lasted even up to 72 hours in some cases. There is where Dominican Power comes in: We provide battery recharges by using solar energy, swapping discharged batteries for recharged ones, having the customer to pay only for the energy and not the battery, delivering clean and renewable energy at a fraction of the cost that our customers would have to pay for generating electricity themselves. Committed with our planet, we have a responsible battery management by partnering up with battery manufacturers and recyclers. Dominican Power takes the energy From the Sun to your house.