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GROGapp, by Paul Jones

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The idea is to create an app to provide a customizable list of geo-localized bars and nightlife events for the user and at the same time provide the smaller bars and pubs with a way to reach more people than they usually can.

I decided to do this because when you move to a new town, be it due to traveling or simply because you have moved, it is hard to find out which bar, pub or club is the one that matches your taste. Another reason was to try and help the bars or pubs that might not have a huge promotion budget, by giving them a way to reach the largest amount of users/customers possible.

I went out and asked bars and pubs to see what they thought about it and to see if they were interested, and once I had positive feedback from them I went to see if the end user would be interested and got good results, so I decided to start the process of seeing what was required, finding a business model and researching other similar tools to find out how they work and what to do and what not to do. Then it was time to prototype and test and this was done online via Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and a website, as well as a bit of targeted advertising which has been working well.