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JOSEPH, by Sophie Flores

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JOSEPH is a fashion brand, based in London and created by Joseph Ettedgui. During the 80’s and 90’s JOSEPH was highly regarded by the fashion world and hailed as one of the best stores with a liking for the minimalist style and high contrasts. Joseph had the invaluable curator eye and that’s why Joseph was highly celebrated in the fashion industry. Nowadays JOSEPH dresses successful and independent women of the age of 30 and over.Today the brand doesn’t have the same acknowledge had had in the past and younger generations don’t know about it.

Therefore the challenge was to make JOSEPH appeal to younger women and bring it back to recognition.

For my thesis project I came up with the idea of connect again with the past and go back to the core and translated in an alternative and attractive way for this new target. Accordingly I proposed create a new sub-brand called JO. Which has a new philosophy, image and identity.

The idea: JO would become a new space for art, design and fashion in which young women will come attracted by the new atmosphere and spirit. Because JO is more than just a brand.