Millennials y Política Europea


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  • Course: Master of Communication Design Labs
  • School: Visual Communication
  • Headquarters: Madrid

Nowadays, there is a noticeable distance between politics and Millennials. As democracy evolves, the means of participation change too. My proposal is to set a digital network that offers the tools and ways to interact in local, regional, national and european politics. Developing a space to build a community that works together and shows the real needs of different groups of people and gives the chance to have an international exchange between citizens from all over the EU, building a european identity.

If citizens assume their responsibility in the democratic system they will show more interest and care each time they are asked to participate in the process and ultimately creating a political lifestyle.

The core platform is easyCivic, website and app, based on four elements: connection, discovery, knowledge and inspiration. It will be promoted through an app game, Experiment 28, and an event, Small Great Things Festival. Politicians and institutions have to inspire hope and be open to exert their power having in mind their needs. We are going through a crisis, a word that means change. It might seem terrifying but in this hour of need staying together and working for a common goal is necessary to maintain one of man's greatest invention: democracy.