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MOVISTAR, by Karl Hitti

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A telecommunications veteran in the Spanish market, Movistar is currently entering the precarious television arena with the launch of Movistar TV. My task was to make this venture a success.

My research, focused on two main points: 1- By carefully monitoring television market trends, I turned the service into a well-rounded product, fit for recent customer demands. People are not willing to pay for something they can get for free, unless you give them added value.

2- The Movistar/Spanish public relationship has always been a shaky one. This is why Positive Association and Transparency are the two main pillars in my delivery; mending this rocky liaison is indispensable for future growth.

My solution is based upon one sentence, “The sky was the limit”, a metaphor for a brand that is literally transcending its previous modus operandi while bringing something new to the table. It is shattering any communication boundaries that might have existed with its clients and inviting fantasy into everyday reality by making the impossible possible.

Through a carefully measured communication strategy, I aim at taking Movistar out of its comfort zone. Disruption is what the public needs in order to take notice of the change that is at hand; guerrilla and unorthodox methods are the tools I am using to achieve it.