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  • Course: Masters of Design and Innovation in Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2016
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

Notemetasconmislanas is an online store that sells children's clothing woven using traditional techniques by teenage mothers in Chile. The project seeks to give them a job and income, while they get to spend time with their children and meet their goals, such as completing their studies.

The project is a platform that provides an opportunity for teenage mothers in Chile through participation in courses in which they learn to knit children's clothing –which will be sold via e-commerce— aimed at young couples who are looking for a nostalgic style for their children’s clothes.

Notemetasconmislanas delivers a new alternative to teenage mothers seeking work but who do not fit the current labour market in the country, due to lack of time, studies or experience. This project is focused on offering new skills to teenage mothers, such as weaving, which allows them to earn money and stick to their goals. The passion for teaching and for preserving this traditional technique through fabric is what drives the woman behind the project. This skill opens up new work options, and teaches perseverance and self-sufficiency.