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OUIT. Timeless modern/ crowdsourcing fashion


Nayeh Han

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Ouit is a brand that answers today’s customer needs, including e-commerce, crowdfunding, and social media. The brand’s entire philosophy has been carefully considered. It is based on old and new fashion activities as well as the requirements of modern customers.

Ouit was founded by a fashion designer who has worked in the fashion capitals of New York and Paris for over ten years and, thus, understands that fashion is a hyper-competitive industry. She has noticed that the activities of fashion companies are not always efficient and optimal. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the fashion industry, several business issues are often neglected. In particular, the fashion industry often overlooks the importance of reducing fashion production waste and the need to recognize customer dissatisfaction related to quality, size, style, and price. Our aim is to create a design-led fashion brand by using a startup business model to ensure the provision of a unique online business to our customers. We focus on the production of high quality, stylish products to sell at unbeatably low prices via crowdfunding. As such, we do not create any waste during production and give back that saving to our customers.