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In the thesis I investigated the theme of personal in a world of mass production. Moving from one city to another we find ourselves surrounded with the same IKEA products. Can we really call them the same things as soon as they do not have the trace of our persona, trace of our mutual history of living together.

Mass-market system created a new form of careless attitude to things. We purchase products and after usage we exchange it to a new ones.

On the other hand during our lifetime we are gathering objects that define who we are and who we want to be. Some of them stay with us for a long time and do not lose their meaning. We preserve such objects as our real possession and strongly value them. Therefore personal things to some extend withstand contemporary trend of the over consumption. My proposal is to create personal things that become a physical dairy and in some period of time turn out as a narrator of person’s identity. To present this idea family of objects was build. Each peace in the series I see as a ‘living object’ that during conjoint life with the owner absorbs owner’s personal qualities. Things are capturing the image of the owner, every piece in each specific way. A mirror capturing the outer look of the person, a lamp recording the rhythm of life and shelves remembering precious things you put inside.