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PICK’T UP, by Dilara Dagli

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This is a network where you can connect with travellers in order to request products from other countries, instead of paying a lot of money to logistics providers or waiting for a friend to travel.

When you want a product from another country, you have the options of using a logistic provider, which is expensive, waiting for one of your friends to travel and asking them to get it for you as a favour, or using an online shopping website. However, if you are looking for a specific product it is highly possible that you will not find it. So, how can you get the product that you want?

Why not create a network which connects travellers? You will have many more possibilities of getting the product that you want, by sending a request to one of the travellers on the network. If they accept your request, they will get you the product and deliver it to you.

Connect with travellers, pick up your products.