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Some years ago we had tangible things that we can feel in order to remember and feel better when we felt nostalgia. But last years we have “evaporated” them to the cloud. The goal of this project is to make this cloud tangible through the scent (liquid state). As the water falls down and evaporates again, the scent of the product will make tangible the user’s memories until it evaporates. The main idea is that we have changed everything into data in the virtual cloud. Now, with this project, this cloud is tangible and we can see, touch and smell it. This concept should be something dematerialized that we can have static without a heavy visual impact. With the material (blown glass) we can get the movement that the concept itself has, despite it is going to be static. With this idea of dematerialization we focus the interest in the scent, the memories, not in the product.

MATERIALS | BLOWN GLASS The blown glass is the perfect method to make these pieces. It transmits uniqueness and has a pure and elegant appearance. Almost any shape can be create with this method. And if the customer wants each piece different in order to feel more unique, it can be done in almost the same time each of them. It is a resistance material with a fragile and light appearance. It can be colored and get several finishes (as is showed on the right pictures).