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STRAVA, by Ana Elisa Domínguez Tenreiro

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Strava is a mobile application enabling runners and cyclists track their progress, offering detailed data on their activities through maps, routes and computer progress infographics of the process: all of this on a social platform, a community of virtual athletes, where they can compete, share and be motivated.

The objective of my thesis project was to develop a communication strategy that would lead to an increase of the number of members using the free version of Strava in Europe, where the brand’s greatest problem is the lack of awareness of it.

To this end, instead of continuing to base the brand’s message on the competitiveness and on the slogan “Prove it”, I decided to turnabout in order to connect with amateur athletes who do not have to compete and are looking more towards enjoying themselves and progressing.

It was on that search that I discovered the strong, intimate and personal relationship that sportspeople have with the spaces where they perform their activities, in which the spaces collect their memories while, at the same time, they know these places on a different way, they own these places.

On that way, I proposed sport as a way of taking possession of the places that you pass through cycling and running, and Strava, as the tool that allows you to improve, so you can go further and get to know more places.