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Theloomproject, by Lucía Martínez Blázquez

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But this is not entirely our fault. Large companies of fashion industry participate active in this spiral of aggressive marketing and abusive consumerism. All this leads uncontrolled mass production that generates a series of fatal consequences for the planet and humans who work in these factories.

What is Textile waste? The clothing, footwear and household textiles and other textile products, once used for a period of time they become waste. Fashions and costumes renewal guidelines and the quality and prices of textiles make this waste be increasingly present. In many cases, when users discarded, these products are in good condition so they are potentially reusable or otherwise, can pass recycling circuits.

After analyzing the way to consume fashion and reviewing the fast fashion movement, I come to the conclusion that my goal would be to try to change this.

The product. Considering the idea of transforming our old clothes in trend began to form in my head the thought of use textile waste we generate at home, to create new fabrics. The idea is to unpack our used clothes completely, in order to create new fabrics that have nothing to do with the original fabrics.