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Our world today is rapidly changing, and so is fashion. As much as the industry of looks and appearance is usually presented as vain and superficial, it has been for over a hundred years a very distinctive trait of the different and successive époques humanity has undergone. Transformations in fashion are not mere symptoms of the evolution of Western society, but are actual statements of the values and ideals of men and women that mold society. Thus, fashion has been and still is a fundamental part of collective and generational identity in the modern world.

However, nowadays, in a world in which massive culture industries tend to make us all more similar, fashion struggles with the challenge of offering the consumers a product that allows them to stand out and reaffirm their individuality. This tension between collective and individual identity is one of the most salient characteristics of our present time and one that fashion has to inevitably deal with. In this context, products for men have to become more versatile and innovative, as the conception of masculinity is constantly being questioned and redefined. A new brand has to take in consideration changes in this conception, yet retaining the core classic values of male fashion. Elegance is one of those core values: it is an exterior realization of strength and self-confidence. Precisely, a harmonious look is attributed to a harmonious inner self.

Elegant looks tend to be simple, though paying special attention to details. A man who takes care of little things and details becomes more attractive because he delivers an image of confidence and self-appreciation. Clothes for the confident man are not an armor or a shell but a manifestation of his ideas, values and feelings. Clothes are for this man a projection of his own self, and as such they have to be carefully chosen and arranged. He has conviction in the choice of lifestyle he has made and shows it through his looks.