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For The Pre-Study Abroad Process. The initial inspiration for this proposal came from the chaos, stress and anxiety that come with packing for a medium to long-term trip. Yet, research revealed that the insight goes much further.

What was uncovered is that when a student chooses to study abroad there tends to be this commonality for friends and family to ignore the emotional uncertainty of the impending experience itself. Therefore the objective was to evaluate and understand how an individual prepares psychologically for a medium or long-term abroad experience.

Research has proven that Colleges and Universities in the United States are unable to reach the level of emotional stability within their study abroad students before their departure date. The proposed solution is Vagabond, a mentoring and training program in the form of classes to address the pre-study abroad process. We thought, ‘students could be better achievers if they came better prepared.’ Vagabond focuses on psychology and emotional intelligence and human connection in the classroom while also introducing virtual reality tours of the destined host city. Vagabond is a life tool that unleashes a person’s critical thinking ability, to use not only in the study abroad experience but in future life endeavors.