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  • Course: Master of Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2016
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

Viajamos is an online travel agency specifically for trips for persons with reduced mobility.

We focus on this sector because nowadays, there are around 4 million disabled people in Spain, and they don’t have the same opportunities to travel than a person without disablities, but they have a lot of free time and money to travel. When a disabled person travels they have too many obstacles. Now for them they only offer closed trips with very specific plans. There is so much information online about trips and services but it isn’t always accurate. So users feel insecure when requesting a service. Although the travel industry is the most important industry here, but we only offer closed trips to this sector.

Viajamos consists of different services that make each trip a unique experience
Our web page has all the information about hotels, restaurants, and activities adapted to people with reduced mobility. On this platform, you can book: accessible hotels and restaurants, specific guides, transportation and personal assistance during the planning process. We improve the travel experience in an easy way, by facilitating that disabled people book trips with their specific likes and needs and personalizing the services.

In our App they can do any consultation about hiring services, suggestions for other plans and cultural and historical information about the city. In this app, there is a chat to resolve any problem during the trip. We increase the independence of our customer during their trips with personal support at all times during the trip.
Viajamos builds a community thanks to the users opinions about services that they have used, and the reviews helps other users to feel secure when they book a service. Creating helpful accessibility information, if the service really satisfies their expectations. Consequentially Viajamos builds an accessibility certificate of quality based on real experiences of users. The certificate has three different levels, depending how accessible the establishments or activity are.