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Ramón Luna Sáenz

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I think that if we change the way of working in the manufacturing industry in Ciudad Juárez, where the worker is treated as little more than a machine, and we give them the chance to work in a friendly environment where they can be treated as individuals and where their family is not neglected, where they can learn and produce new solutions to problems found in everyday life, we could promote creativity and incentivize the creation of new products and better quality of life for many people including our own.

As Frank Alexander said: “Little by little, people are going to realise that the main strength of a nation is not to be found in its coal, steel or uranium reserves, but in the capabilities of its younger generations of creative originality. Soon everyone will agree that a place without creativity will be condemned to slavery.” Owing to these conditions, a new alternative in the way men and women are given work has been created, with a special focus on the female sector, which consists of carrying out work from the comfort of their own home, with flexible working hours, in order to maintain security and also take better care of the children or their dependents is to give them time, comfort and financial income. It was in this way that Creative+Facture was born and the first product produced under this new alternative is the Juárez Chair.