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extraodd : this is not a mistake


Leoriane Ribas

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The “Fantastic” scenario is born when “weird connections” are created, proposing unpredictable relations. This project is about the fantasy within language and how it is possible to translate it into real physical objects. It’s a reflection of how to achieve creations that go beyond the ordinary status by working with “mistakes”; in quotes because it may not be a mistake per se: it may be an open window to a variety of possibilities.

The final result for my research could be shown in many different ways, but I decided to exemplify my concept by making an installation of three distorted chairs (a common object easily recognizable by different cultures, ages, genders and levels of education) and their new names. I’ve played with words in order to create new possible chairs and for all of them I’ve applied “mistakes”, such as spelling mistake (schair /ˈʃʧeə/), giving a new meaning to an existing word (chest /'tʃest/) and combining two different words (shaire /'ʃeə/).

Also, I decided to do a monochromatic installation to give unity to the project and to emphasize that the concept is stronger than the chairs themselves. This is neither about a new chair nor a new neon sign design. It’s about the juxtaposition of the two different fields: language and objects.