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According to whom, is poor synonym of miserable? In developing countries like México, with great social inequality, the majority of the population lives in poverty and lag. More than 112 million people lack quality in education and services; and housing is among them. Around 65% of Mexicans are forced to self-construct their own houses in a precarious and improvised manner, resulting in a somewhat dangerous house limited by economical and material resources, and lacking quality and dignity. On the other hand, low educational level and poor waste management has given way to a great garbage problem and squander of it.

My Better House is an ambitious project with an evolving vision, which attempts to diminish the great social gap, starting from the point in where both issues converge into a proposal that benefits these forgotten societies. In its first stage it is developed as a manual for the progressive self-transformation of a house, anchoring to the materials handed out by the government program “Vivienda Digna” as well as the reutilization of both, discarded materials and those used in the structure of the current wooden house. It shows sustainable development techniques and lays out a chronological path for the construction of the house. My Better House intends to shape an independent and proactive citizen, capable to change his own reality. This way, the family will have the freedom to decide size, quality and construction time frame of their own house, and feel proud of it.