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We live in a society where we are constantly looking for space, privacy and light. Weather it’s a restaurant, or office space or inside a house we are always in search of privacy. Here comes the role of Room dividers. But to bring Privacy and light together is the task!

And Parda is the solution to this search. Parda is a room divider unit, which is made out of cane, which is a locally available natural material in India by using Indian craftsman. In India cane weaving is almost a dying art, and in this project I have used Craftsman from Bangalore, to make this project.

The design of the panel itself speaks for the craftsmanship that has undergone in the making of Parda. We had found a new technique of weaving where we can make any kind of 3- dimensional weaving with some basic supporting structure (which can be removed later). This can be a game changer for the craftsman as well as the designers. Parda which translates to Veil / curtain in Hindi (Indian language) was an inspiration the cane panel which looks like a curtain but yet it is strong and stiff at the same time its lightweight and easy to move around. The panels can be repeated and joined so that it can accommodate to any kind of space. Wicker weaving has been used for this project and when light passes through the panel, it transfuses light into the material from the minor gaps and emits beautiful rays through it, resolving the question regarding the light. It’s the ultimate solution for space, privacy and light, and it can be used in any kind of public and private spaces.