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Spin.me. Green brings the benefits and secrets hidden in the sea to your home. Phytoplankton is the name used to define all species and classes of micro algae in the ocean; they are responsible for more than half of the world’s oxygen, taking the carbon dioxide in the air and converting it into oxygen.

They nourish themselves through photosynthesis, producing sugars, minerals and proteins. They also form the basis of the marine food chain, feeding thousands of millions of animals in the ocean, including the largest mammal, the blue whale, giving it all of the energy needed to survive in winter. Micro algae create food for the smallest to the largest creatures in the ocean, and even we humans benefit thanks to the feast they produce.

After an exhaustive research project, in which I analysed all of the incredible properties of phytoplankton, I came upon its real secret. I began to think about bringing their benefits to us humans, to try and develop the best way to use one of its greatest properties as a food resource. Spirulina is one such species of phytoplankton. It’s rich in minerals, proteins, nutrients, fats and vitamins, more so than any other food to be found on the market today. A food which can benefit both body and mind, Spirulina delivers health and helps combat disease, and just a spoonful provides everything that the body needs. The Spirulina dispenser is born at the root of the possibility to cultivate and harvest the algae fresh from the source, being a cyclical, self-sustainable and self-sufficient crop.

It not only provides a super food but also contributes to health, nutrition and beauty. More importantly, it can help those most in need. To act locally, think globally, we could plant future crops in those communities with fewest natural resources, and help those who suffer hunger and malnutrition, so that a child who eats a small amount of spirulina for only 6 weeks can fully recover. A crop in which an entire community can sustain itself and receive all of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and much more that the body needs in order to grow, heal and be healthy.