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The Behavior of Materials


Marzia Fattorini

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I've always been fascinated by the idea that the reality that surrounds us conceals something mysterious and intriguing: an entire universe made of constant changes, mutations and transformations of matter. In some cases they are invisible and silent processes and , for this reason, they remain unnoticed, for most of the times. But I wanted to bring to light these processes, discover them, know them and establish “new dialogues” with the materials we use every day.

This is the reason why I decided to undertake this investigation. This is my challenge. My objective, in fact, is to show the “inner life" that lies beneath the surface of the objects and their materials, by demonstrating that the matter that composes them is not something static or motionless but “it’s alive”… It acts, reacts and change in front of certain “stimuli”. “The behavior of materials” is a collection of unconventional objects: a melting sugar thermometer, a resin light refracting lamp, bowls made of layered bioplastic skins and a brass outdoor sculpture “painted” by rain and chemical reactions. The project is an investigation around materials and their unique and peculiar behaviors, which aims to establish new possible interactions between them and the human being and allows us to discover, participate and take advantage of their life process by creating symbiotic relationships.