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As an architect, I have always wanted to be able to create comfortable as well as well-designed spaces for every type of user. I believe that natural light is a major factor on creating certain type of mood on an environment, such as in the exterior as well as in interior spaces.

Whenever light hits an object, shadows are created as a consequence. The contrast between light and shadow creates very interesting and different effects, and the playfulness they provide make it easier, though still challenging, for a designer to create certain type of mood.

As natural light is produced by the sun, it is constantly changing its position, changing throughout the day and the year. This constant movement has a big consequence in the shadows casted, as they change too. My biggest interest was in being able to control the result of the shadows casted, not only at a certain time of day and year, but being able to know how this shadows were going to change and when.

My project creates an “optimum” white space for an experience, in which natural light enters in a zenithal way, and is transformed into colour by coloured-glasses. Whenever light travels through a coloured-translucent material, this material absorbs all colours except for its own. What happens when light travels through two different coloured-glasses? As the sun changes its position along the day, the answer appears.