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18 Final Projects

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

The Masters of Design and Innovation reach their culmination with the presentation of a final project which is the students carry out during the year. This individual work is developed in a favourable environment –each programme is designed to guide the students from beginning to end–, and must respond to the concepts of innovation, sustainability and creativity.

Whether it is the creation of a start-up company, the proposal for a communication strategy for a brand or the design of a product, these projects solve problems and offers added value, as they are the result of a year of research and experimentation around design, communication and new business models. With very different aims within each field, projects emerge with the intention of standing out, leaving nothing unsaid, and, above all, to exude creativity.

2 Program Leaders

Each MA course in the Masters of Design and Innovation platform is led by a Program Leader. These are internationally recognized professionals whose skills make them an undisputed benchmark to follow and learn from at all times.

Their advice, suggestions and background help define each master programme from the first moment: the contents, objectives and the methodology are validated with the Program Leader and reviewed every year to ensure the relevance of the core issues within the course.

The Program Leader also helps select the team of professionals involved in the teaching, especially those who will carry out thesis guidance work. By establishing a close dialogue with them, the Program Leader is always aware of the development of student projects and can intervene promptly, setting standards, correcting any issues and demanding the highest quality in each thesis.

3 Tutors & Unit Coordinators

Throughout the master, students undergo the process of materializing experiences and turning them into a reality that is reflected in their thesis project. Essential to achieving this development successfully is the figure of the tutor, the professional who accompanies them throughout the program, and the unit coordinators, who go deeply into the different subjects relating to each master with students and investigate the knowledge necessary for acquiring greater expertise in the area of each unit.

The tutor is the person responsible for personally guiding the students when they are carrying out their ideas and giving a professional format to their company or product prototype. Tutors are the interlocutors between the program leader and the students, which positions them as guiding elements whose purpose is to maintain a constant and direct relationship, key to successfully delivering assignments and the presentation of projects to the program leader, thus participating in and having an influence on each thesis.

The unit coordinator is presented as the key figure in the professionalizing of each subject area making up the program, offering students a coordinated, profound and practical view of the necessary content to be implemented in their thesis project. Having these professionals becomes a unique opportunity, since students are enriched by a multidisciplinary approach, receiving different inputs that improve their knowledge and perception of reality and expand their professional network within their future sphere of activity.