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15 Seminars: Master of Communication Design Labs

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

1 Brand Humanization

An analysis of the current situation of advertising, what role creativity plays in it, where do we come from, where are we and where are we going. When advertising seemed to have died, losing its effectiveness, it was reinvented. At last it listens to its audience and gives it what it seeks: stories and content. Brands are humanized.

Xavi Barberá

Creative Director specialized in Branded Content and Advertising

2 Understanding the Consumer

Simon Spencer

Director of Marketing in Scratch-it.

To communicate with the consumer you first have to understand him/her. How do brands do it? How do they adapt to the new behaviours to survive? To understand all this, one has to put oneself in the place of the brand itself and understand how and when certain decisions are taken through the Consumer Decision Journey.

3 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking

The evolution of the Internet and the new technologies bring with them new ways to reach consumer and promote brands, such as viral marketing and positioning strategies. What do they consist of? How do they work? And, above all, how should they be applied?

Andy Kaiser

Psychologist, Specialist in Digital Marketing, Data-Native and Founder of Startups.

4 Filmmaking

Mikel Sáenz de Santa María.

Professional in the Freelance Audiovisual Sector and Producer in charge of the Content of the IED Madrid.

Communication tries to talk: tell stories to the receiver through different means. One of the most effective is the audiovisual language because it is the most dynamic, and for this reason it is important to understand it and know how to use it. What does the audiovisual narrative consist of and how does it differ from other languages? How is a story told through images, from theory to practice?

5 New Communication Strategies

Today, communication goes in all directions and through new media, so it is important to understand in depth all the elements that it is composed of in order to achieve 360º strategies and plans adapted to the different needs of each client. From branding to advertising, to reach positioning and the world of online marketing.

Pablo Martín Antoranz

Business and Market Consultant.

6 Estudios de Tendencias y Coolhunting

Nelson Pinheiro Gomes

Scientific Director of the AYR Trends Research Centre.

There is no sure recipe for innovation and it can be reached via many paths. For this reason, more and more researchers are working to find formulas that result in innovation. Trend studies and coolhunting are an example of a new open path to reach that result.

7 Branded Content

Branded Content is one of the advertising tools of the future: an area with great potential in which, in addition, it is possible to get ahead. What does Branded Content really mean? How can stories be created that are related to brands without it being obvious? Inquiring into this is the launching point of a strategy in which every action should converge on a single objective.

Roger Casas­-Alatriste

Branded Content & Transmedia Producer and Founding Partner of El Cañonazo.