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13 Seminars: Master of Product Design Labs

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 28 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

1 From Product to Experience in a blended world

We live in a new context in which reality is divided into the physical and the digital. In this scenario, the digital products we consume form part of a group of communities, services and experiences. How can we impact on this new reality through digital platforms and how can we get to the design of sustainable projects?


Juan Freire

Co-founder of inViable

2 From Consumer to Community

Jorge Toledo

Architect specialized in the development of social groups and communities. Co-founder of eGruyère and Activadores Urbanos

Human beings are social animals and need to belong to one or several groups. Currently brands use this human need to gain consumer loyalty, offering them a community to which they can belong. How do consumers become a community? Where is the added value in these cases?

3 Open Source, Internet of Things and Arduino

There is no better way of understanding the evolution and functioning of Open Source than with physical examples of its capabilities. Arduino, an Open Source prototype platform, is a clear case of how a technology can evolve faster in this way. How can this hardware be used to develop projects? What other technologies and codes exist?

César García Sáez

Computer Systems Engineer and Co-founder of Makespace Madrid and Internet Society

4 Alternative presents through counterfactual histories

James Auger

Designer, Researcher and Educator

Products evolve in small steps, which is what makes it possible to follow the path that each object has taken as if it were its family tree. Therefore, in the design of conventional products it is very difficult to fight against the restriction of the “historic makeup” of the artefact. How can the point of view of history be avoided and contemporary products be re-imagined? How can the current market be challenged?

5 Flow. Rethinking the home as a symbiotic system

The understanding of cities as dynamic ecosystems in constant evolution can help us to develop strategies for a sustainable urban future. To reach that vision of cities we must explore how we can learn from nature and its systems, beginning from space itself: how to achieve a domestic environment that functions holistically? How to understand the home as a natural system in which everything has a function and there is no waste?

Jack Mama

Co-founder of VHM Design Futures

6 Ways of being: from Authorship to Open Source

The evolution of modern societies and the arrival of new technologies bring a progression with them, a change in the way of understanding certain concepts. In a cyberspace where users have access to content from all over the world, which is shared directly by the community, the concept of “authorship” is one of the most transformed. What has changed? How does the Open Source appear? And...Open Source of what?

Paco González

Architect and Urban Planner

7 Biomimicry

Manuel Quirós


Introduction to bio-inspired design in the area of biomimetics: the science that observes nature as a source of inspiration for resolving human problems. The study of its philosophy, the different methodologies and the different case studies is key to the development of innovations in this field.