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14 Seminars: Master of Strategic Design Labs

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

1 Estudios de Tendencias y Coolhunting

There is no sure recipe for innovation and it can be reached via many paths. For this reason, more and more researchers are working to find formulas that result in innovation. Trend studies and coolhunting are an example of a new open path to reach that result.

Nelson Pinheiro Gomes

Scientific Director of the AYR Trends Research Centre

2 Double dare: science and entrepreneurship

Ioannis Sarris

Doctor in Palaeontology, entrepreneur, researcher, blogger and music producer

Science and entrepreneurship are evolutionary systems that have many elements in common. It is interesting to underline the similarities of both fields and address subjects like the predictability of science in business initiative and how scientific research can be applied to entrepreneurship.

3 Creativity Foundation

Creativity is a real philosopher’s stone: everyone wants to understand how it works and to use it to favour innovation. Thus, it is essential to travel through its history, understand the creative processes from a physiological point of view and analyse the innovation that occurs as a result of that.

Cristina Vivares

Gardener in PKG and Consultant in Neuronilla.

4 Lean Startup

Ian Collingwood

Coach and Mentor for entrepreneurs.

How to know when a company is ready for the market, when to change direction and how to get your company to grow at top speed? Thanks to the Lean Startup acceleration method, it is possible to answer these questions and apply them to the business projects themselves.

5 Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsability

The active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement by companies is what we call “corporate social responsibility” and is a determining factor when generating social impact: a key issue to expand the range of options when planning company social innovation.

Catalina Parra

Engineer and entrepreneur, Founder of Hazloposible, Founding Member of Phil In and Co-founder of UEIA

6 Business Plan

Luis Marijuán de Santiago

Managing Partner of the Pingaron and Partners Consultancy.

Developing a business plan is a basic part of a company’s itinerary, for it is the base from which to mark out a short and long term plan of action, as well as being an important letter of presentation to future investors and banks.

7 Branded Content

Branded Content is one of the advertising tools of the future: an area with great potential in which, in addition, it is possible to get ahead. What does Branded Content really mean? How can stories be created that are related to brands without it being obvious? Inquiring into this is the launching point of a strategy in which every action should converge on a single objective.

Roger Casas­-Alatriste

Branded Content & Transmedia Producer and Founding Partner of El Cañonazo.

8 Business in Apps

Carlos Goga

Strategies and Operations Consultant.

Applications are tied to the continual change in technologies and modern societies. They are mainly characterised by being interactive and they function as a complement to the user, until they become everyday problem solvers. But, why do companies launch them on the market and how go they earn money with them when the majority of them are free?

9 Visual Mapping and Value Proposition Design

Putting ideas on paper makes them more real, and when we also do it through visual concept maps it facilitates our mental order and the clarification of objectives. Learning the different visual mapping techniques, like the Value Proposition Canvas, promotes innovation and creativity in projects.

Philippe Roufiac

Consultant and Trainer specialized in Creativity and Visual Thinking.