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A GoPro Story


Aida Bedran

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  • Course: Master of Communication Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Visual Communication
  • Headquarters: Madrid

My brief consisted on broadening GoPro's audience, since there was a feeling that the company had saturated the current market of action sports enthusiasts. I created a campaign with the purpose of assigning GoPro a new brand positioning.

One of the challenge I was facing was changing people's perception about the brand and letting them believe that they don't need to jump out of airplanes or be professional surfers to own and use a GoPro; all they need is a story worth telling. Being someone who obsesses about capturing moments on videos, I was highly motivated to create a successful campaign. As a result, my campaign revolved around the idea "It's Happening", meaning both "live the moment" and "capture the moment". In order to be able to do both simultaneously, one needs a GoPro.

The campaign activation consists of attracting customers online and offline, giving them the possibility to rent a GoPro free of charge, while gaining exposure and living a memorable experience. By doing so, the company would help individuals pay a tribute to life.