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37 Program Leaders & Unit Coordinators Communication

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

1 Program Leader

The Master of Communications has been designed to develop the creative professionals of the future. The skills our students learn should serve them within an agency, a brand, or within their own startup. Our priority is to make sure that course is somewhere for dangerous minds to experiment. We want them to push the boundaries, fail safely and uncover new opportunities as they grow in confidence and skill.

There has never been a more important time to explore the role of Communications. Modern consumers live in an always connected world, with a lot of competition for their attention. Now, more than ever, critical thinking is needed to cut through the noise and make brands famous and culturally relevant.

The course focuses on creative strategy, the creation of concepts & ideas and the execution of communications across a range of modern channels. The students experience first hand the agencies, briefs and techniques through visits and external speakers.

The projects that the students undertake are based on real client briefs and challenges. They must demonstrate their understanding of new communications landscape and how they can use digital and mobile as mass mediums.

2 Ugo Ceria

Ugo began in the advertising world working in TBWA International. In 1997, he moved to Madrid to work at TBWA as Director of Strategic Planning, and then as Deputy Managing Director. In 2004 he joined Delvico as Managing Director. Starting from Delvico’s integration in JWT, Ugo became Strategic Managing Director.



Ugo Ceria

Tutor of the Master, Strategic Managing Director of JWT Spain

3 Pablo Jarauta

Pablo Jarauta

Unit Coordinator of Cross-Curricular Contents, Philosopher

After receiving his Doctorate in Philosophy from Murcia University, Pablo has worked in the fields of history of cartography, travel literature, history of ideas and the socio-cultural contexts of design. He has taught at Duke University and the University of Extremadura.

4 Héctor Saracho

Héctor is currtently Head of Strategy and New Business at Genetsis, a pure digital agency. He has spent the better part of the last decade studying how people connect with brands and helping leading brands optimize these connections. Hector has a proven track record in leveraging research and fueling creative talent to build effective brand strategies that respond to consumer demands.

Héctor Saracho

Unit Coordinator of the Master, Head of Strategy and New Business at Genetsis

5 David Mears

David Mears

Unit Coordninator of the Master, Managing Partner at DMA Partners Design Consultancy

Founder of DMA Partners, Madrid and London based brand and communication consultancy. Previously MD of 3ddb and Director of Communication of Top 10 global law firm.

6 David Standley

Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He has worked with Nelville Brody and Ian Swift “Swifty” and contributed to important publications. He was editor and owner of Accent magazine, editor and art director of Diario 16 and designed annual reports for companies such as Telecinco and Grupo Mahou.

David Standley

Unit Coordinator of the Master, Creative Director at DMA Partners Design Consultancy