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Andrés Eduardo González Agostini

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  • Course: Master of Product Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Design
  • Headquarters: Madrid

Since the beginning of time, we have learned means, ways and processes to solve our problems, but nowadays we look for the easiest option. Using electricity and materials that pollute our environment is not the only option. Why is it that we depend on these? Don’t we remember everything that history and our ancestors have taught us? It is through these processes that we evolve and improve, by applying them to the products currently on the market.

Firewood is a group of objects that uses charcoal as a production material, based on a medieval process of charring a layer of wood which will act to protect structures from things that could harm them, like erosion, humidity and animals. In this way, people can see that charcoal is more than fuel for the barbeque; it is a material with many applications and benefits, which we can continue to use today.

Firewood, a set of natural materials like wood, cork and charcoal, is created in an artisan manner, but has the potential to be mass-produced. These materials are related to fluid absorption, using charcoal as protection for wood, purification for water and the revitalisation of alcohol macerated in wooden barrels. With this design this group of everyday products comes into being, creating a set of natural materials, through an artisanal process, using everything that history has taught us.