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  • Course: Master of Product Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Design
  • Headquarters: Madrid

Flow is a self-contained domestic ecosystem where all the elements interact replicating the way the nature does (biomimicry). At the same time the user is able to interact with this ecosystem and harvest different kinds of food from it. Introducing nature in the homes and reconnecting humans with the source of the food they consume.

Since the industrial revolution onwards, humankind had progressively alienated from nature, leading into unsustainable ways of living that are rapidly destroying the natural environment we live in.

Food is, next to air and water, the most important input we need to survive. People living in big cities hardly know where does their food comes from, what does it has, how was it produced or cultivated. Flow is a concept that focuses on the global problem of food production, but mainly in the lost connection between humans and nature. It explores how the solution is likely to come from including in our designs biological and biomimetic processes, which are by nature less energy-consuming and non-polluting.