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  • Course: Master of Product Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Design
  • Headquarters: Madrid

I believe that design decisions should not only be focused on individuals who have economic or luxury goals. Design solutions can be applied to people all living situations. It is clear that every design has form and function and that every person can benefit from form and
function designs whose applications target their needs. I feel that I am a reflective learner, as I am always seeking new ideas and new experiences to further develop my craft.
For the purposes of this study, I have focused on the living needs of individuals struggling with homelessness. This is a problem that extends across race, religion, gender, and culture.

My reasons for this focus are because of the immediacy of need that this community faces from issues such as dilapidated structures, exposure to the elements, safety, etc. Through the work of thesis project, it is my intent to make even the slightest impact onto quality of life improvement that only more functional housing can provide. The project also keeps a focus on sustainability and economic viability. By using repurposed materials, it reduces waste and minimizes cost to a negligible amount. In addition, I wish to raise awareness by drawing attention to this issue so that individuals with other means of helping may feel inspired to do so.