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Every country has its own exotic and tempestuous drink. The Turkish people were eventually won over and they became advocates for lattes and macchiatos as much as any other European or North American. But, recently there has been a shift. After all, 500 year old coffee brewing techniques are nothing to be snied at, and Turkish people are now beginning to revive the real value of their “Kahve”. That is one of the reasons why it is now paramount that this Turkish method of coffee brewing receives the recognition it deserves. It is reaping the benefits greatly, so much so that ‘Unesco’ has recently add ‘Turkish Coffee’ to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Since its introduction, coffee has played a very important role in Turkish life. A Turkish proverb proves that, "A single cup of coffee is respected for forty years", highlighting the fact that if you are offered coffee by your host it is considered to be of high regard and a clear sign of respect to the guest. Sand cooking action is very old tradition in Turkey. It comes from Ottoman Empire. We can say that it exists in that geography more that 500 years. You can still see in a few places. But they all for public places or cafes. Keyf-i is product family that provides you to cook coffee on sand. The aim of that project to create new experiment to cook and to drink Turkish coffee. That tradition was eventually happening ceremoniously in the past. But nowadays that values started to disappear. In that moment my point of view is to take all of these traditional ceremonic moments back and try to revive them and also to adapt them to the contemporary era with keeping the original and special points for domestic uses which makes the difference than the other coffee cultures.

Keyf-i is designed for to take back that tradition and adapt it as a domestic uses. Existed products for Turkish coffee has some lacks and need some touches. I want to interpret and add some specialities to that products. Firstly, my target is coffee lovers who likes hand crafted products in their home. The people who like coffee have to go that places to drink their special coffee. It is not existed that kind of project to take that ceremony to their home. In that case my design serves perfectly to that customers.

Nowadays it is becoming a trend in Istanbul. There are a lot of coffee shops, coffee markets. And people are stated to be more selective about what they drink. Those people who has special likes, who drink coffee as a consciously Not only in Turkish marketing and also in Arabic countries such as United Emirates, Dubai, Qatar that kind of markets are also in my target area. Because they also have Turkish coffee and they like that kind of exotic and hand crafted pieces. In that project I tried to find different solutions to reduce coffee seeds while you are drinking it. And also I tried to find different angles to keep the coffee bubbles as much as possible. The project based on discovering new materials and angles which makes the process different than the existed cooking ways and equipments.