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  • Course: Master of Product Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Design
  • Headquarters: Madrid

WOOD WAYS is not a single product, is a design language, a platform, a system. Is an industrialized way of making unique products. The design blueprints are open source and free to be downloaded, build, customized and improved. Or it can also be purchased as a complete product from the original collection.

The equivalent to 36 football fields of forest are lost in the world... every minute. At the same time we continue to cut down our forest, millions of tones of useful solid wood are thrown to landfill every year. Most of it coming from the construction sector, but also from furniture and packaging. From the product design point of view, most wood waste can be used as reliable source of raw material.

And this is what WOOD WAYS is about: Using reclaimed wood as raw material for furniture design. Not hiding its origins, but highlighting them. And at the same time expand through an open source platform to every corner of the world where there is a nice, solid piece of wood about to be burned or thrown away. Wood Ways was developed tacking as a starting point a global problem (deforestation), but facing it from a local perspective (local wood waste) and always keeping as main goals the design values of sustainability, simplicity and beauty.