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Laura Bibiana Perdomo Cadena


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  • Course: Master of Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

CARRYING is a new way to celebrate with loved ones through the distance with the act of gift-giving you can buy curated original presents, ship them, and send them to our parcel lockers and be there in the delivery through a video message and a recording of the reaction will be sent back to you. Being this my first time abroad starting to experience new things, such as first mother’s/father’s day, birthdays, away from my family I felt the need to celebrate with them and send them presents I have bought them but had no idea how to send them, because just to ship it, I thought, lost the entire experience and some value of the real intentions of the gifts.

Talking to more people like me, expats, I could notice that gifts represent feelings, the love and importance of the other person, gifts represent memories of a certain moment, generally when the gift was delivered. People spend a considerable amount of time searching for the perfect gift, but there is something more interesting in this; usually what is motivating the entire process is the expression in the other person’s face “is she/he going to like it?”. That is how CARRYING was born, to solve an emotional need of expats not being able to see the other person’s reaction when he or she sends a present in that important day.