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Andreas Koehn

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  • Course: Master of Strategic Design Labs
  • Edition: Enero 2015
  • School: Management
  • Headquarters: Madrid

OpenScene aims to bring a new way of approaching design. We want people to look at their environment and feel connected by bringing their personality into the design process. We’re looking for designers that want to explore the newest possibilities in terms of communication and co-creation. Our platform brings together Users and Designers in the design process. By starting off with a service focused on the co-creation of chairs we aim to expand towards other objects and services.

Mass production has left us with an abundance of things that have become meaningless. We’re discovering new relations between our inhabited space and the way we feel. By surrounding ourselves with objects that have a positive impact on our lives we can improve the quality of it. We’re developing co-creation tools for Designers and Users centred around the values of: Personalisation, Peer-development, Local Production, Sustainability, Interaction and Intuition. As we grow we want to transform the design process. To make it dynamic. To go beyond Design.