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45 Program Leaders & Unit Coordinators Strategic

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

1 Program Leader

In the case of the Master of Strategic Design Labs the thesis project is aimed at the development of a business model which is viable and innovative. The process of implementing a business model involves technical and professional growth work. All of the students of the MA have had the chance to gain the same knowledge and what is really interesting is that each of the students has materialised it into completely different projects. Our students have presented their thesis projects in very different fields: sustainable development, culture, fashion, education, design, energy, the pharmaceutical sector, the social realm, the services sector and technology.

During the development of the theses we hope for the students to become aware of the fact that they have an entrepreneurial potential and that they can develop it as freelance workers or as part of a company. They must understand that they have a professional profile which integrates creativity, innovation, design, technology and business within the logic of the triple social balance between the social, the financial and the environmental.

Students from 12 different countries in training in areas such as economy, industrial design, multimedia design, fashion, communication, furniture design, product design and interior design, led by teachers (businessmen, executives, entrepreneurs) who are in touch with the realm world and who know how to apply to the academic world, which is of great value. All of these elements turn the Master of Strategic Design Lab into a tremendously enriching learning space, where professionals are trained to have an innovative talent which allows them to develop in any company, generating a great differential value. Their theses are proof of this.

2 Tommaso Canonici

Vice President of Opinno Think. He began his career in the world of strategic innovation consulting at Capgemini and Barrabés after this experience, he led the department of open innovation in Future Networks, coordinating projects for territorial development in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Germany and the European Commission. Now he coordinates the line of strategic consulting and online training at Opinno.

Tommaso Canonici

Unit Coordinator of the Master. VP at Opinno Think

3 Pablo Jarauta

Pablo Jarauta

Unit Coordinator of Cross-Curricular Contents, Philosopher

After receiving his Doctorate in Philosophy from Murcia University, Pablo has worked in the fields of history of cartography, travel literature, history of ideas and the socio-cultural contexts of design. He has taught at Duke University and the University of Extremadura.

4 Asier Pérez

Founder and Director of Funky Projects. Asier works on innovation through design, so in 2002 he founded the Innovative Consultancy company Funky Projects, specialised in service design and strategic creativity that works to develop innovation in services/products for companies and institutions which aim to develop innovation centered on people.

Asier Perez

Unit Coordinator of the Master. Founder and Director of Funky Projects

5 César Astudillo

Cesar Astudillo

Unit Coordinator of the Master. Strategic Designer at Designit Madrid

With an eclectic profile which combines software development for banking devices, videogames design, comics and music composing, César Astudillo is currently working as an executive partner at Designit, where he deals with important interdisciplinary design projects for companies and institutions in any industry, from telecommunications to biotechnology.

6 Beatriz Lara

Known for her skills as a motivator of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams made up of hundreds of people from all over the world, in order to tackle complex international projects for several companies. She is seen as a visionary by her peers.

Beatriz Lara

Unit Coordinator of the Master. Director of Corporate Transformation at BBVA