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17 Trips and Visits

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 28 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

Trips and visits during the Masters of Design and Innovation are essential experiences for personal growth and learning. Trips, whose itineraries are linked to the contents of the course didactics, help to change students’ perception of innovation and design, providing opportunities to make connections with the professional world.

Taking a workshop at a prestigious company, participating in a major conference, meeting with true gurus of design and advertising, visiting large factories and becoming aware of future trends is the invaluable objective of these trips and visits. In addition, contact with other cultures and ways of living is essential for students to develop their full capacity and enhance divergent, innovative and extraordinary thinking.

1 Barcelona

Barcelona mdi 2015

For the first time in the history of the Masters of Design and Innovation, the students of the four programs travelled together, inaugurating, in this way, the cross-curricular unit coordinated by Pablo Jarauta.

Barcelona, with its great cultural wealth, became the meeting point of the students, who immersed themselves in it through the common and individual experiences of each master.

The exhibition Metropolis Barcelona of the Disseny Hub Barcelona, for example, served to illustrate the concepts of globalization and complexity in the city, discussed in the collective seminars of the teaching unit.

A group of students made specific visits to companies like *S.C.P.F… or Design it! and carried out activities with IRON HACK, papabubble and NUTCREATIVES.


2 Milan


Once again, Milan holded the Salone del Mobile, and became the centre of international design as the largest annual event in the sector. In this scenario, the students learned from the best designers of the day, discovering new trends which define the future of design and promoting their final MA programs.

Among other visits, they attended spaces such as the Salone del Mobile, the Salone Satellite or the Ventura Lambrate and la Fabbrica del Vapore and discovered great professionals through their working spaces such as the studio of Achille Castiglioni, the Studio Lissoni, or the Superstudio Più.

During this trip, each student discovers in the work of other creatives, issues linked to their final MA research piece, providing them with new perspectives and spheres of action which will enrich their own projects.

3 Estocolmo


Stockholm, Sweden’s capital and biggest city and the engine of innovation and economic development of this Scandinavian region, was the perfect setting for soaking up a fresh, modern and creative atmosphere. The new Swedish pioneers come from the most innovative sectors, from the man behind the creation of Skype to the creator of Spotify: the Scandinavian creative industry is booming and overflows with innovation.

The students were in contact with companies in the sector, like FJORD, Transformator Design, Googol and Doberman, with a vision that is far in advance of the rest of Europe and America, and also with the most traditional and most contemporary Swedish culture, visiting emblematic places like the Nobel Museum and the Moderna Museet and immersing themselves in the activities taking place on Sweden’s National Day, which coincided with their visit there.

4 Ciudad del Cabo


The students experienced South African culture at close quarters in their trip to Cape Town, the second most populated city in South Africa and its legislative capital. The great contrasts present made it the ideal place to absorb social consciousness, sustainability and tradition.

The city, influenced by African and American culture, showed the students throughout its districts interesting spaces and craft workshops like the Bronze Age, The Forge or the Art in the Forest, as well as designers directed towards luxury pieces, design schools and consultancy firms such as Collis Associates, Jesse James o Thingking.

They also enjoyed the natural beauty of Cape Town where they set out on an adventure to the top of the Lion Head Mountain and went to the symbolic Cape of Good Hope.

5 Nueva York


At a crucial moment of advances in innovation and new technologies, favourable business communities and environments are being formed worldwide. We are talking about places aimed at promoting the growth of start-ups: innovation ecosystems. On the trip to New York, the students spent most of their time in Silicon Alley, one of these places, with the aim of finding out as much as possible and applying it to their business projects.

During the trip, they were surrounded by incubators, consultancy firms and accelerators, visiting companies like Doberman, NY Designs or Frog Design and technological businesses such as ESI Design, Code&Theory and Local Projects. They also visited Rosa Clará and Curve ID and had the Centre for Social Innovation and The New School Parsons’ doors opened. And, of course, they did not leave New York without enjoying its cultural and gastronomical richness.

6 Singapur


In Singapore there is a commitment to research and development and an interest in promoting entrepreneurship to turn the city into an economy of research and innovation, making the trip into an opportunity to absorb knowledge and experiences for the students.

In this atmosphere of change and creativity, in which new work methodologies and ground-breaking ideas emerge, the students visited large companies in the communication sector with a great sense of innovation and renovation.

They visited large advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT o BBH, and small ones as The Secret Little Agency, they went to several companies in the world of communication such as Chimney, Stuck, or Craft Varies and attended to the Design Singapore Council coinciding with the Future Everything Festival, among other activities.

7 Países Bajos


Dutch design stands out internationally for its functionality and creativity, which have turned it into an example of divergent thinking, and for always being at the forefront of the application of new technologies.

For ten days, students travelled to the cities of Amsterdam, Tilburg, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Among other activities, they visited the studios of renowned designers as Lex Pott’s, Makkink & Bey’s, Minale&Maeda’s, Vincent de Rijk’s or Piet Hein Eek’s.

A part of visiting several cultural centres and museums such as the Arcam Center or the Textiel Museum the went to Micropia as a prelude to the BIO-Workshop they carried out at Mediamatic where they got to know the tiny world of the creatures that make up two thirds of the living matter in the world, and which cannot be seen by the naked eye.