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09 Challenge Workshops

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

What it you could design your own experience? Can you imagine choosing your favourite industry figure to lead a workshop designed for you and by you? That is what the Challenge Workshops are all about: they are the first workshops coordinated by the students and for the students. This innovation in the programme offers the freedom to choose, giving students the chance to enjoy learning from someone they admire, as well as learning how to manage an activity and acquiring the necessary experience to carry out a proposal from the first idea to the development.

These workshops improve the students’ coordination and organisational skills, to encourage work and decision-making as a group, as well as an immersion in the development of each course, where the students themselves set the content and the objective of the workshop along with the professional taking part.

1 Event Planning


An important part of any company's communication strategy revolves around the actions taken and its presence in the media. Therefore, students of the Master of Communication Design Labs decided to delve into the world of Marketing, Event Management and PR in the first stage of a Challenge Workshop that was conducted in two stages.

Jordi Ballera, Director of Edelman Madrid (global leader in communications and marketing) was commissioned to conduct a workshop that would help them understand the complex world of communication through events and actions, and its rapid evolution in relation to the audience they target.

In addition, students benefited from the presence of Leo Guiñazu (General Manager at Globally) and Maria Satrustegui (Marketing and Communication Director at the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation) in their immersion in the world of Marketing and Event Planning.


Leo Guiñazu. General Manager at Globally.

Maria Satrústegui. Marketing and Communication Director at the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation.

2 The visual language of Emotion


To communicate, we not only use words; we read images, making Visual Communication another great pillar in the field of communication. Understanding and mastering visual messages is essential for professionals in this sector, and this was the focus of the second half of the workshop taken by students of the Master of Communication Design Labs, who decided to investigate how to convey abstract concepts and emotions in pictures.
As a guide, they chose an expert on the dissemination of visual messages: Oscar Giménez, a Spanish illustrator working in news, advertising, and graphic media. With his help, they designed an immersive and educational experience for the Visual Language of Emotion, a language that it is essential for them to master, as it empathizes with users and makes them remember.

3 Materials and Their Hidden Qualities

If you had the opportunity to choose the direction of your learning in a single activity, what would it be? The students of the Master of Product Design Lab wanted to delve into materials in an unusual way: by discovering their hidden side.

The candidate chosen to guide them in this experience was Lex Pott, a designer whose work focuses precisely on the origins of the materials he uses, with whom they designed the workshop Materials and Their Hidden Qualities.

In this Challenge Workshop experimentation and research were the main protagonists: a source of inspiration for potential production techniques in design, hidden qualities, and above all, new opportunities.

4 Love marks


Who is your role model in the business sector? To whom would you like to present your start-up project, and, especially, what do you want to know more about? In the Master of Strategic Design Labs, students addressed the relationship between brands and consumers, which is key to any successful business project.

To do this, they were visited by a guru in the field of the love affairs of brands: Yasushi Kusume, the current Manager of Innovation and Creativity at IKEA and one of the two writers of the book Brand Romance.

With his leadership, they developed the workshop Loved Brand, whose aim was to show how a brand can leverage the power of design to build a "loving relationship" with the public.

5 Ritualism The way we eat

Studio Appetit

As a designer involved in the experimental branch of design, what would want to experiment with? What is your unfinished business? In the Master of European Design Labs, students satisfied their curiosity about the field of gastronomy, by approaching it from an unusual approach: Eating Design.

In order to dive into this unknown field, they chose Studio Appétit, a multidisciplinary experience design studio, specializing in Eating Design and culinary projects.

This workshop led to the design of a dining experience which they called "Ritualism. The Way We Eat”, in which attendees reflected on the act of eating as an experience through food.