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07 Workshops: Master of Communication Design Labs

  • New Visions, New Leaders
  • "Masters of Design and Innovation 2015"
  • Number 08 - 23 de October de 2021
  • creatividad

1 Relevance Methodology

Relevance Methodology Kai Platschke

The greatest problem of brands today is working out how to be outstanding in a relevant way in the minds of their consumers. Getting their customers to not just remember them but to become loyal fans is the biggest challenge, and offering the solution is a powerful added value for any professional in the sector. Kai Platschke knows how to do it and wanted to guide the students on this important path with a single goal: dominate the “strategy of relevance”.

What has happened in the market in recent years? How can the relation between brand and consumer be improved so that it will be long lasting? Kai wanted to bring up these questions, reflect on them with the students and address issues like the reaction of agencies and companies in this environment and what are the errors committed in the digital social world.

2 Visual Communication

Visual Communication Patrick Thomas

Visual Communication is, currently, one of the most important mainstays in the spreading of messages and more so today when people cannot dedicate time, which they do not have, to deciphering them. In a world invaded by an overload of information: a picture is worth a thousand words, and for this reason, students must be creators of powerful images, the purpose of this workshop given by Patrick Thomas and Ian Swifty.

The making of posters in the traditional way, photocopier in hand and cuttings, had the aim of strengthening the conceptual communication, visual and design skills of the students. An analysis of iconography through simplicity that taught them to “write with images” in a language understood by their audience turning the students into expert communicators.

Patrick Thomas

Communication Professional and Iconographist

Ian Swifty

Typographer and Urban Artist

3 Concepts & Ideas

Concepts and ideas

Any commercial communication process requires different creative stages: the definition of the creative strategy, the development of concepts that shape the strategy and the selection of channels in which to carry it out.

It is in the exploration of the second stage of the process where the students deepened along with Alejandro Masferrer. How to create innovative concepts? How to generate valuable ideas to offer solutions to business problems? Can all this be done in just one week?

Students were faced with a brief brought to them by Spotify Business: how to integrate the brand into the consumer experience in clothing stores. And the challenge? Present a solution to the client via Skype after 20 hours!

The results were innovative professional ideas and projects centred on the user: young and diverse solutions to the brand problem.

4 Typography@Museo de la Imprenta Municipal

With this workshop, Yago Bolívar wanted students to experience typography in its most basic and artisanal sense: composition of texts by means of blocks of letters in lead and manual printing.

This experience not only made the student conscious of the origin of something as basic as printing, but also opened their minds to an understanding of all the theory that lies behind the world of digital layout, besides teaching them notions of graphic composition.

All this in a work environment like that of the Municipal Printers of Madrid, where they experimented freely with all the means at their disposal, and the Plómez Family Workshop, where they saw the range of aesthetic possibilities for using typography as a visual resource and not just communication.